Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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The first game of the evening was an Allied Artillery Spotting Mission, October 1917:

Dow's Allied pilot (I need a name for him) flew the Brisfit observation plane. He and his observer doggedly attempted to complete their mission....despite being set upon by numerous German fighters....where were the escort planes? Dow's pilot was shot in the head and crashed the bird, but on the way down his observer killed their assailant, an Albatross flown by Kaiser Bill. Dow's pilot has been recommended for an award and his observer will be mentioned in dispatches. A good show, if a short one!

Kufr Pasha (Robert) flew his Pfalz DIII with reckless abandon in the game. He shot Howard Woodstock's (Jerry) Spad XIII down. Woodstock's plane erupted in a ghastly ball of flame when his fuel tank exploded. Kufr Pasha's plane was full of holes by the end of the game. The rudder was jammed and one gun was out of action. Kufr Pasha made it home, but his ground crew cursed his name for days as they began to work on repairing his plane. Kufr Pasha gained 50 experience points for a total of 100 pts. He will roll for a skill before the next mission.

I believe Herr Schnitzelgruben (Wayne) was flying the other Pfalz DIII and will gain 25 pts for his time on the table, giving his German pilot a total of 75 pts.

I also believe Mike survived this game flying his Nieuport 17 and will gain 25 pts for a total of 75 pts.
Here are some tidbits from the last game night:

From the German Air Superiority Mission, November 1917:

Bentley Proper (Dan) was shot down. It became difficult to stay airborne with his tail shot off! He crashed his Nieuport 17 on Turn #13 (lucky number), but survived the crash. He will not be out of hospital till February 1918. He now has 63 experience points.

Umlaut Dunlet (Dow) died in a fiery explosion that also took out his Pfalz DIII. A replacement pilot will arrive shortly. Hopefully he will fair better than Dow's other charges!

Fraser Freshmeat (Wayne) shot down Umlaut's Pfalz. Freshmeat was flying a Nieuport 17. He was also shot down, but survived the crash of his plane unscathed....but the plane had virtually no wing left when it crashed! Freshmeat gained 39 experience points and now has 89 points.

Was Mike flying a Pfalz DIII in the game....his pilot probably gained 20 experience points if he didn't get a kill??

Jerry was flying two Albatross in that game. I think Baron Fritz Jagermeister (?) got the kill on Dan and both Albatross survived the battle. They landed after twenty turns on the board. That give Jagermeister 95 experience points and his wingman, Helmut Dickgrabber now has 70 experience points.

Leftenant Penny-Farthing (Robert) was flying a Spad VII and lasted twenty turns on the table. He brought the plane home, but with plenty of fuselage and wing holes in the crate. The damage kept him from further restrict maneuvering. The single gun of the Spad VII wasn't much help either!! Penny-Farthing also received a minor wound for his troubles and will miss the next mission in hospital. He gained 20 points and now has a total of 70 experience points.

Bill was flying the Spad XIII....still need a pilot name....he also will be given 20 pts for the game and will be at 70 experience points.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well...we played our first two games last night.

October 1917: Allied artillery spotting mission. The Allies failed in their mission. Although the Allied recon plane circled the area as required by the mission, the observer was far too busy fending off fighter planes to do any observing! The Allied observer plane (BE-2 Brisfit) was shot down as it headed for home...but took down the Albatross that had shot it down. A Spad XIII was blown out of the sky, but the Pfalz DIII that got the kill was a bullet magnet for the entire game...but made it home.

November 1917: German fighter sweep. This mission was a success for the Germans. Two Albatross and two Pfalz DIII's took on two Nieuport 17's, a Spad XIII and a Spad VII. Both Nieuports were shot down for the loss of one Pfalz DIII (iirc). The two Spad's left the field as their gas ran out. Both Albatross had to glide to landings behind their own lines.

I will add more details when I have access to my paperwork!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The good Colonel has planned our route to get us around Archie and that dreadful turbulence. He has ironed out all the difficulties in the plan!

Air Marshal DOWning expects a maximum effort for tomorrow's mission! Gentlemen, drink up and steel your nerves for the dawn patrol!!